Sieve (strainer) Pipes

Sieve (strainer) use is a dirt filter in the form of either solid, liquid or gas. This filter tools used in the pipeline to filter out impurities in the flow so that the flow to be processed or the result of a process of better quality, as can be found at These types of filtering devices can be divided into:

1. Type T. This type is generally used to expand the space and reduced the pressure on pipelines

2. Type Y

3. Type a while

4. Type Flat

Steam traps (Steam Trap):

Steam Trap is a tool which is used to remove water from the steam, where the water is no point in even going to give it resistance to flow of steam or may cause harm to others. These steam traps are placed at the lowest point of a track mounted on the piping or pipe bag which called Drip Leg

Ways of working:

1. Steam Trap on pipelines contralto areas where there is considered the water may have been hung on the bag pipe (Drip Leg)

2. Steam trap will be emptied of water to the steam system which has a lower pressure

3. The system trap that closed in the discharge of water using the valves on the side of the trap.

4. Use a filter trap system if this has not been used. Replace the test valve for the discharge during the flow test (start up).