How to Scoop Frozen Ice Cream Easily

As its name suggests, ice cream just is a kind of food that is naturally creamy and watery and can melt easily in the mouth. However, you will be able to get such easily melting ice cream if you are able to store it correctly. If you store the ice cream in a wrong way, it can end up being too watery or, otherwise, it can also be too hard to eat as it has become too frozen.

If the ice cream is stored or cooled gradually to a temperature that is too extreme, of course, the texture will be tough and hard to eat. It will even be too hard to be taken out. A lump of ice cream that is round and beautiful as it is taken out using ice cream scoops might even become too coarse that it will not look as beautiful it has to be.

However, there is no need to worry, as there is an easy and smart way that you can use as one of your new kitchen’s hacks to help you scoop out a lump of ice cream beautifully. So, this hack will be effective to help if you want to set up an ice cream to still look beautiful even though the texture is too hard. The steps of the hack, then, are as follows:

– Take a medium-sized knife and then flush the blade of the knife with warm water for a few moments.
– After that, use the knife to cut the ice cream in the box into a few sections. The function of this action is to soften the ice cream.
– Take a scoop of ice cream and flush the ice cream also with warm water just like the warm knife.
– Use an ice cream scoop to take out the ice cream. Then, the result will be as beautiful as you might have expected.