Types and Benefits of Website

The definition of a website is a collection of various pages of the site, which is summarised in a domain or subdomain as well, the more it is located in the WWW (World Wide Web), which must be available on the Internet. Usually, a web page document was written in the format of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), which can be accessed via HTTP, HTTP is a protocol which conveys information from the website server to be displayed to the user or users via a web browser. To make your web look nicer, you can use the service of design website from us. Visit our website now!

The types of the website there are three types of them, can be read below:

– A static website is a website that has a page that does not change. Which means it is to make changes to a page of obstruction can only be done manually by editing which is coded into the structure of the website itself.

– A dynamic website is a website that is structurally intended to update as often as possible. Usually, in addition to which the main that can be accessed by users (user) in general, has also provided a backend that is to edit the content of the website. Examples of dynamic websites such as web news story in which there are facilities, etc.

– Interactive Website is a website that is at the moment is known. For example, interactive websites such as forums and blogs. On this website, users can interact and collide into an argument about what they thought.

The benefits of websites usually some have had a reason for making the web itself, including:

– Extending some promotion, with a website then our product can be known by the public, especially users of the internet.

– Could be the media without limit, because the Internet is a medium of information without boundaries. By having a website means the same we have a lot of employees who promote our products for 24 hours. Which means Diman our website will give information to prospective customers for 24 hours.

– Promotion of comprehensive, the Internet is a media promotion of the widest in the world when viewed from the range area.

– Media introduction of the company, if we are to own a company will be easier to introduce the company through the website, because of its reach extensive internet and a lot of users, so that our company will manage by many people that can bring potential customers by way of sale of products through the website.