Asking the youngsters to know Jesus

Delivering the message of Jesus can be a hard thing to do, especially if you’re dealing with the youngsters. At the young age, people are often to argue and rebel, so it will be difficult for you to convince them to come to the church. When it happens, you definitely need a new approach to touch their heart. We recommend you to use the Instagram or facebook to spread ? The importance of the holy spirit.

Reading a bible can be very boring for them. However, if those beautiful words can be found on their timeline, they might be interested in it. Using an approach which is familiar to them can be a good idea, and who knows how many young people who are reading your status about the love of Jesus. Once they’ve been touched by the message which you’ve delivered, they might want to visit the church again. Fighting for spreading the name and teachings of Jesus can’t be easy, but it will worth the time if you can save a lot of people in the process.